Nov 21 2009

Bishop in the Fall


Lake Sabrina, Bishop Creek Canyon, Bishop California.

Mar 30 2009

Butchart Gardens, Victoria, British Columbia


A wander around the fabulous Butchart Gardens is a pleasure any time of year. My first visit was in the dead of winter, and, of course, the place was decked with Christmas decorations that would rival any flowering display. Returning three more times, during summer and back to back spring trips has unveiled the many secrets of the fifty-five acre garden. It’s very hard to say, but the tulip and daffodil displays could have been my favorite. No, the roses. No, the cherry trees in bloom. No, the hostas and hydrangeas. Oh, forget it. I can’t pick. If you’ve been, what’s your favorite display?

Mar 25 2009

Tikal, Guatemala


Traveling to Tikal in Guatemala from Belize is a relatively short trip. We went with a tour group, both so we could have a guide around the ruins, and so we wouldn’t have to do the driving ourselves. There are tensions between the two countries, making the transition from one border to the next a slightly anxious proposition. Nothing happened, but we did get earfuls on either end about how bad the other is.

Tikal was one of the major cultural and populated centers in the Mayan civilzation. Climbing around the ruins (which I am always amazed we are allowed to do) there is always just one big unanswered question, “What happened to the Mayans?”

Mar 18 2009

Roadside fruit stands, Mexico


Within just a couple feet of traffic on the road, these fruit stands line what little shoulder there is before the jungle begins. There really is no where to pull over to buy fruit, the locals probably just slow down. Beyond the stands, little children hang out at the sides of the topes (speed bumps) to sell plastic baggies full of peeled oranges and other snacks.

Mar 11 2009

Nice, France


I almost missed the Cours Saleya food and flower market on my one day tour of Nice. Exiting the metro station, map in hand, I opted to travel on foot rather than hop the bus. Hardly a better way to get a feel for a city, even if (or maybe especially when?) you get lost. My only concern as I hopelessly wandered, shutter on the camera clicking away, was that the market closes in the early afternoon. True enough, by the time I found it, the fish vendor had nothing left but heaps of ice, vegetable vendors with baskets full of peppers, tomatoes, asparagus, garlic and more were all stacking their goods in small trucks, umbrellas were brought down and packed away. Still, I had enough time to enjoy the fresh and gorgeous flowers – seriously debating on carrying a bouquet around the rest of the day to take back to Alassio. My practical nature prevailed and I continue to enjoy the photos that are the only souvenirs I brought home.

Mar 9 2009

Hydrating on Hydra, Greece


The sun sets on another perfect day in the Greek Isles. My friend, Lyndsey, hydrating after a day hiking around. The glass Ioli bottle was refilled several times during our travels. Sometimes the water just came from the kitchen sink, but other times we made very specific pilgrimages to fountains along ancient paths in the hills. More often than not, there were locals at these spots also filling their water containers (usually in the one, five or ten gallon variety) Outside the charming town of Nafplio, we drank fountain water that, loosely translated and interpreted, would make us virgins.

Mar 4 2009

Death Valley, California


Spring wildflower blooms in Death Valley can be hit and miss from year to year, depending on the winters rainfall. The delicate displays of color, bursting yellows, cool blue, magnificent reds are such contrast to the harsh rocky soil they struggle to emerge from. This year’s prediction is for a later March, early April display.

Mar 2 2009

Alassio, Italy


Every morning hotel staff raked the beach sand and straightened chaise lounge chairs for miles along this stretch of the Mediterranean.  Each hotel has their own brightly colored beach umbrella’s and matching chairs. The morning scene is serene, almost deserted, until about 10 am. As the crowds arrive, umbrella’s burst open and the beach becomes an entirely different place to be.


Feb 25 2009

Real or Replicated?


Since launching this new travel blog, the number one question I have received is “Where was the main picture taken?” Instead of coming up with a clever contest to keep you all guessing, I thought I’d post this picture taken two months ago at Universal Orlando’s replicated version of the original Portofino, Italy. Amusement parks do remarkable things, don’t you think?

Feb 23 2009

Jindabyne, Australia


Australia was the first country stamped in my passport. I was completely turned around, upside down, and backwards, and fell in love immediately. Desperately seeking a kangaroo sighting, I thought this trio was a real score. Turns out they are as prolific as rabbits – but I’ll never forget the adrenaline running through my veins the first time I saw them in the wild.

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